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StrucClues Site Team

In 2004-2005, more than a few members of the international crystallographic community were kind enough to contribute their comments on certain empirical 'cases' presented at a short-lived web site called StrucClues.

The StrucClues Site Team is now pleased to report that this website has recently been revived at: and new 'cases' will begin accumulating shortly.

Following the same protocol used back in 2004-2005, publication of each new 'case' at StrucClues will be followed by an email to one or more of the people involved in the original depositions of the PDB structures that constitute the new 'case'. This email will solicit comments of the same type that can currently be seen for many of the existing cases at StrucClues.

And therefore, the StrucClues Site Team is hopeful that members of the crystallographic community (and their non-crystallographic colleagues) will continue to respond to StrucClues emails with the same remarkable generosity of spirt that they have previously exhibited.

David Halitsky