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Was Bijvoet right? Sodium rubidium (+)-tartrate tetrahydrate revisited

Acta Cryst. (2008) C64. m296–m299 (

[Bijvoet differences] Plot of observed vs. calculated Bijvoet differences, prepared using the program PLATON. 842 reflections with the correct sign are shown in black, 92 reflections with the wrong sign in red.
The first absolute structure determination of a chiral organic compound was performed on sodium rubidium (+)-tartrate by Bijvoet, Peerdeman and van Bommel in 1951. By repeating this experiment with recent equipment and methods, the absolute structure assignment R,R' for C2 and C3 was unequivocally confirmed in the present study. Flack parameter x = −0.007(6); Hooft parameter y = −0.011(4).
M. Lutz and A.M.M. Schreurs