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MaThCryst 2005

Nancy, France, June 2005

[MathCryst]The MaThCryst International Workgroup ( organized an International School on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography at the Faculty of Sciences, U. Henri Poincaré of Nancy, France, June 20-24, 2005. The school was financially supported by the IUCr, ECA, U. Henri Poincaré, French CNRS, Communauté Urbaine Grand Nancy, and Bruker-AXS, and received the formal support of the IUCr commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures, the Special Interest Group No. 5, “Mineralogical Crystallography” of the ECA, the French Crystallographic Assn, and the LCM3B Nancy crystallography laboratory.

The School was attended by 61 registered participants from 20 countries with different backgrounds (chemistry, physics, mineralogy, mathematics, biology…). Twenty-two young scientists from 13 countries were financially supported, for a total of 8,000 € in grants, including a special grant for French young scientists provided by the French Crystallographic Assn. This heterogeneous public was introduced to several aspects of modern theoretical crystallography by nine invited lecturers: T. Hahn, H. Wondratschek, U. Müller (Germany), M.I. Aroyo (Spain), V. Kopský (Czech Republic), M. Catti (Italy), A. Oganov, H. Flack (Switzerland) and T. Yamanaka (Japan). The School included a poster session, with 23 posters presented: the electronic version of the abstracts is available from the school website ( ). A special issue of Acta Cryst. A will be published with articles from the lecturers and manuscripts submitted by the participants. MaThCryst will organize a Satellite Conference of the ECM-23, XXIII European Crystallographic Meeting in U. Leuven, Belgium, August 4-6, 2006 (details available at

Massimo Nespolo, organizer of the MaThCryst School