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Letter to the editor

Dear Judy,

I missed the letter or article that stimulated a cluster of reminisces in the latest issue of the newsletter concerning the late Prof. Belov. But on his visit to the UK in 1960, he visited Aberdeen and stayed with us as a house guest. At one point during his visit, he announced himself unwell and liable to coronary failure. Concerned with our responsibility for such a distinguished visitor, we immediately (this was 1960!) arranged an appointment for him with our practitioner. We explained the situation over the phone and our doctors rose to the occasion: Belov was seen by the most senior partner. I was asked to stay during the examination in case assistance was needed with translation. It quickly emerged that Belov was taking the latest German medicines -at that time reserved for a favoured few- and had made an in-depth clinical study of his condition. In fact, his “emergency” was concocted as he really only wanted to find out if there were better British medicines/treatments available; the “examination” rapidly turned into a general discussion of his (Belov`s) condition and options for its management. So charmed was our doctor (and Belov could really charm an audience) that they spent over an hour together with the conversation ranging widely.

Fred Glasser 

Dear Fred,

Thanks so much for this charming story.