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Letter from the Editor

[Judith Flippen-Anderson]This issue of the Newsletter contains the first set of articles highlighting Crystallography in Japan. Japan is the fourth geographical area to be covered in our series ‘Crystallography Around the World’. The series started off with Crystallography in Latin America (Volume 11, Number 3, 2003) and was followed by Crystallography in Italy (Volume 12, Number 1, 2004, and then Crystallography in Russia (Volume 12, Numbers 2 and 4, 2004). Already on hand in the editorial office are articles on Crystallography in Portugal and in the Pacific Rim region of Australia and New Zealand and several others are planned. We hope that you have been enjoying these articles and invite you to suggest areas of the globe that you would like to see covered in future issues.

Starting with the next issue (Volume 13, Number 3) we will be presenting extensive coverage of the IUCr Congress in Florence. This coverage will most likely be spread over at least three issues of the Newsletter so be patient if the review for your session does not appear in the first set.

Each issue of the Newsletter also contains editorials, meeting reviews, news of crystallographers and a calendar of upcoming meetings. Our readers are the best source of information for these articles so please continue to send them and to be on the lookout for items you think would be of interest to our crystallographic family. I would also welcome ‘letters to the editor’ with your comments on the Newsletter itself, the world condition as it affects crystallography, reminiscences, suggestions, etc. By the time you see this the Florence Congress will be over and we will be hard at work preparing the first issue containing the meeting reviews. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hello to Patti at the IUCr booth during the Congress exhibition and please do keep in touch.

Judy Flippen-Anderson