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2005 Art in crystallography winners

[First place]First Place by David S. Goodsell.
In May, 2005, the winners of the first ACA Art in Crystallography competition, sponsored by the ACA Newsletter together with the ACA Council, were announced. First place went to David S. Goodsell for Blood 2,000,000X; second place to Edgar Meyer for Cortisol, and Honorable Mention to Dan Anderson for Be Fruitful and Symmetrize. The entries were posted on the web prior to judging.

An article on prize winners appeared in the Summer, 2005 ACA Newsletter, which featured the winning entry on the cover. (An art entry was also on the cover of the Winter, 2004 issue.) Prints of all the 2005 entries were displayed at the Orlando ACA meeting and were sold in a silent auction during the meeting, with proceeds donated to the Student Travel Fund. Entries to the 2006 Art in Crystallography competition, open to all ACA members, are welcome at any time. Entries are accepted in the form of images emailed to either of the ACA Newsletter Editors ( or Each entry should be accompanied by a paragraph explaining the science and the method of producing the image. A photo of the artist will be appreciated, but is not required.

Connie Chidester