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h2>Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, m945–m946
[Indium complex] The structure of In{W(C5H5)(CO)3}2-(C5H5N)Cl (In: green, W: pink, Cl: yellow, N: blue, C: gray, O: red).
Only three crystal structures have been reported to date for indium complexes with In–W bond(s), and there is no X-ray structure for an indium-bridged ditungsten complex. The title complex is the first crystal structure of such a complex. The complex was prepared from InCl3 and 2 equivalents of K[Cp(CO)3W] followed by the addition of pyridine. The X-ray analysis revealed that the In atom has Cl and pyridine substituents and bridges two Cp(CO)3W fragments, resulting in a distorted tetrahedral geometry around the In atom.
H. Nakazawa, M. Itazaki and M. Owaribe