Volume 9, Number 4 (2001)

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Concomitant polymorphs of HgI2: red, orange and yellow crystals as obtained by evaporation from 2-chloroethanol. Their structures display different coordination of the mercury atoms. Red and orange crystals are obtained if the vessel is closed at ambient temperature; the three polymorphs are obtained together by evaporation of the solution at ambient conditions; and only yellow crystals are obtained if the solution is heated at 323 K or more. Provided by Marc Hostettler

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J. Bernstein, C. Broder, S.K. Byram, B. Clegg, J. Cockcroft, S. Coles, B. Cooper, A.E. Cordero-Borboa, B. Craven, E. Diogo, R. Engel, N. Feeder, H. Flack, A.K. Freund, R. Ghosh, M. Hursthouse, V. Jenning, D. W. Jones, M. Kaftory, J. Kelly, H.M. McDonnell, R. Olthof-Hazekamp, P. Raithby, R. Rawls, A. Thalal, D. Ulku, L. Van Meervelt.

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