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Second Belgian symposium

[BCS-2] Speakers at the Second Belgian Crystallography Symposium BCS-2. Left to right: A. Lucas, P. Launois, H. Zabel.
More than 100 scientists took part in the Second Belgian Crystallography Symposium BCS-2, which was held in October, 2001 at the Academy House, adjacent to the Royal Palace in Brussels. The Belgian Nat’l Committee for Crystallography organizes this symposium at biennial intervals to promote interdisciplinary contacts between Belgian scientists who use diffraction and microscopy techniques for atomic scale studies in the apparently unrelated fields of condensed matter chemistry and physics, material sciences, earth sciences and life sciences. As one of the main objectives was to promote personal contacts, plenary lectures were limited to three and given by distinguished colleagues in widely different fields: ‘X-ray and electron diffraction by molecular helices’ by A. Lucas (Namur), ‘Fullerene compounds and nanotubes: X-ray scattering investigations’ by P. Launois (Paris-Sud) and ‘X-ray and neutron studies on thin films’ by H. Zabel (Bochum). The 38 posters, grouped in four sections attracted much attention and discussion. The meeting was sponsored by both Royal Academies of Belgium for Science and the Arts, and the firms Bruker Belgium, Bruker Nonius, EFG Rigaku, MarResearch and Philips.
Luc Van Meervelt