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2001 annual meeting of CrSJ

[Matsuzaki et al] Takao Matsuzaki, Fujiko Iwasaki, Yuji Ohashi, Mrs & Prof. SorianoGarcia, Michiyoshi Tanaka, Matt Sakata.
The Annual Meeting 2001 and General Assembly of the Crystallographic Society of Japan was held in Nagoya, Japan, in October, 2001. This meeting featured 39 oral presentations(6 invited lectures) in three simultaneous sessions and 119 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography. Over 270 crystallographers attended to hear and view the presentations and the exhibition of 7 industrial companies.

[Kuroda] Reiko Kuroda presented her talk about the crystal structure-color relationship.
Invited lectures included: Crystal and magnetic structure analysis with a 4-circle neutron diffractometer (Y. Noda, Tohoku U.), Humidity-dependent phase transition of nucleosides and nucleotides. (Y. Sugawara, Kitasato U.), A triple mutant of bovine pancreatic phospholipase A2 (V. Rajakannan, U. of Madras, India), X-Ray Optics for Dark Field Imaging (M. Ando, KEK-PF), Structures and colors of crystals of binaphthol and benzoquinone (R. Kuroda, U. of Tokyo), Human Hematopoietic Prostaglandin D Synthase and Anti-allergic drug design (T. Inoue, Osaka U.).

[Posters] Poster Session.
At the annual CrSJ Awards Ceremony, the S. Nishikawa Award was presented to N. Sakabe (Foundation for Advancement of Int’l Science), Research Awards were given to K. Miki (Kyoto U.) and Y. Amemiya (U. of Tokyo); and the Young Crystallographer Awards went to G. Kurisu (Osaka U.) and H. Takakura (NIMS, Japan). The banquet was held with special guest, Manuel Soriano Garcia (the first president of Mexico Crystallographers Soc., Circuito Exterior Ciudad U., Mexico).

A full program of the meeting can be viewed at CrSJ home page The Local Chair was Makoto Sakata (Nagoya U.) and Takashi Yamane (Nagoya U.) was Program Chair.