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BCA Pharmaceutical Group

Paul Higginson of Pfizer opened the meeting in June, 2001 at Glaxo-Smith-Klien with 'Automated Solutions to High Throughput Crystal Screening'. In her presentation on 'Prediction, Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Paracetamol', S. Price of UCL demonstrated how difficult polymorph prediction can be, and described ways that may make it feasible in the future. C. Anderston described 'On-Line Monitoring of Solid-State Form during Crystallizations by Raman Spectroscopy', and A. van Langevelde of Crystallics, a company which specializes in polymorph characterization. discussed 'High Throughput XRPD in Polymorph Discovery' in 'DASHtastic Adventures of the Bruker-D8' A. Florence described solving molecular structures from Powder diffraction data. D. Beckers (Phillips Analytical) discussed unexpected phase transition at high temperature or humidity during storage or transport that can turn a powerful medicine into a useless powder. C. Weston of Bruker AXS outlined 'X-ray Rapid Screening System for Combinatorial Chemistry'.

Brett Cooper and Neil Feeder, from BCA Crystallography News, No. 78, Sept 2001