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ICDD resources

Awards. The Int’l Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD) received a generous donation from Howard McMurdie, Editor of Ceramics and Inorganics for the Powder Diffraction File (PDF) to establish a H. McMurdie Video Conferencing Center at the ICDD Headquarters. The Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee established the Jerome B. Cohen Student Award, to recognize outstanding achievements of student research in the field. Students interested in participating in the annual competition must submit papers, in final publication form, along with the required certification form (available at, or

The PDF The ICDD introduces the latest version of PDF-2, Release 2001 of the Powder Diffraction File, which contains 136,895 patterns with over 5,500 new additions. The file boasts over 87,500 experimental patterns in addition to over 49,000 patterns calculated from the ICSD (Inorganic Crystal Structure Database). Enhancements to ICDD’s pricing structure include our new multiyear licensing policy.

PDF-4. The ICDD has also introduced a new product line, PDF-4. The PDF-4 databases are organized in a relational database format (RDB) with retrieval and viewing software integrated and bundled into a single product at low introductory prices. The ease of the RDB format provides the end user with numerous conveniences including query sorting capabilities for known physical properties, subfile designations, and search indexing. Additionally, an end user can perform 'on-the-fly' calculations to obtain fully digitized patterns which can be corrected for various experimental and instrumental factors and displayed using integrated viewing software (PCPDFWIN). Visit us on the Web at