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The Basics of Crystallography and Diffraction - 2nd Edition, by Christopher Hammond, Publisher, Oxford University Press, May 2001, Hardback ISBN 0-19-850533-1, £49.95, Paperback ISBN 0-19-850552-3, £22.95.

Throughout, the text is very readable and the level of mathematics expertise is appropriate to the subject matter covered. Recommended for students and lecturers working in the area of crystallography and diffraction.

Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry (RiMG) series. RiMG Volume 41 is titled High Temperature and High Pressure Crystal Chemistry and is edited be Robert M. Hazen and Robert T. Downs. Topics include the characterization, interpretation, and description of structural variations with temperature and pressure, and experiemtnal techniques used to investigate them. It has a lenticular print on the front cover that is a short movie showing the structural change in quartz with changing pressure and temperature, there is a color signature, and a series of flip movies on the margins of chapter 4 showing structural changes. These and other animations can be found at 596 pp. ISBN 0-939950-53-7. The cost is US$27 for members and US$36 for nonmembers.