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Nene, Nana, Nano

A US Dept of Energy (DOE) report entitled 'Complex System, Science for the 21st Century' predicts the next millenium will take us into the world of complexity in which the disciplines of physics, chemistry, material science and biology will converge. Crystallography has always been at that convergence point as the programs of the IUCr Congress demonstrate. 'Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology Research Direction' another DOE report, calls for greatly expanded long term support because Nanoscale Technology will be a strategic branch of science and engineering for the next century, one that will fundamentally restructure technology currently used for manufacturing medicine, defense, environmental management, energy production, transportation, communication, computation and education. Since Nanotechnology involves the control of matter at the atomic or molecular level, crystal structure determination provides some of the most reliable information possible with which to understand these processes.

(No matter what you rename it, it is still structure and function.)-Ed.