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High Tc superconductors

E. Kaldis directed the 20th crystallographic course at the 'Ettore Majorana' Centre, Erice, Italy from May 17-29, 1993 with support from NATO. The 110 participants included representatives from 26 countries. A. Gulian from Armenia, presented ceramic sculptures of J.G. Bednorz and K.A. Miiller to the recently established scientific museum in Erice. The 39 lectures, 52 poster presentations, and three round-table discussions focused on the hottest topics in HTcS: flux pinning, thin layers, and lattice distortions. Lectures dealt with structural aspects of HTcS, electron microscopy, physical properties, phase diagrams, neutron and electron diffraction, Raman and isotope effects, organic superconductors, theoretical approaches, and new superconducting compounds. Among the most exciting reports were those of H.R. Ott concerning 136 K Hg-containing compounds and Japanese participants who demonstrated the levitation of heavy matter. Contributed papers will be published by Kluwer Academic in the NATO Physical Science Series. The interdisciplinary character of the meeting contributed to development of joint collaborations. Written comments from students included the following observation: 'Chairmen should not address males as Prof. X or Y and females as Catherine - especially if their names aren't Catherine.'

L. Riva di Sanseverino