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Crystallography scholarship awards

Peter C. Burns, The U. of Manitoba, Canada, Annapoorna Akella, Oregon State U., USA, and Michael Lloyd, U. of Kentucky, USA have been awarded the ICDD Crystallography Scholarships for 1994. P. Burns is conducting graduate studies on the stereochemistry of Cu2+ oxysalt minerals, A. Akella is identifying important correlations between atomic structure and luminescent and non-linear optical properties, and M. Lloyd is researching the probability of the formation of solid state compounds.

The editor regrets delay in publishing the names of the recipients of the 1993 ICDD Crystallography scholarships who were Janet M.S. Skakle, U. of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Peter C. Burns, The U. of Manitoba, Canada. Skakle is pursuing a Ph.D. degree studying structures of a variety of barium rare-earth titanates using neutron and X-ray diffraction.

Eligibility requirements and complete details concerning application for ICDD Crystallography Scholarships appeared on p. 17, Vol. 1, No. I of the IUCr Newsletter or can be obtained by writing: Secy., ICDD, Newton Square Corporate Campus, 12 Campus Blvd., Newton Square, PA 19073-3273, USA, Tel.: 610-325-9810, FAX: 610-325-9823.