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New products

4-Circle diffractometer upgrades

The SieRay 145D Upgrade for Single-Crystal Diffractometers uses a 4-axis version of the SieRay 122D microprocessor, together with WINDOW* software based on DIFRAC from EJ. Gabe and P.S. White. Any goniometer to which 5-phase stepping motors can be fitted is a candidate for upgrading including PICKER* and CAD-40 goniometers

and modular goniometers from HUBER*. The SieRay 145D can be delivered as a complete kit, including fittings, but generally it is recommended to send the goniometer to Sietronics for upgrading. It will be returned fully reautomated with comprehensive data collection software. All the user need add is a PC with WINDOW S 3. 1 *. The only connection between the PC and the SieRay 145D is an RS-232 link. DIFRAC Software includes the facilities for Crystal Alignment, Intensity Data Collection, Intensity Measurement & Angle Setting, Photographs, and Crystal Date Access from Terminal.

Sietronic Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.
R. Clapp, PO Box 3066,
Belconnen, A.C.T. 2617 Australia,
Tel.: 61-6-251-6611, FAX: 61-6-251-6659, e-mail:

New crystallization supplies

Siliconized cover slides provide an optimal hydrophobic surface for hanging drop vapor diffusion crystallization. Pre-siliconized square and circle cover slides arc available in 22 mm square and circles for the popular Linbro plate as well as 18 min circles for the smaller footprint Costar and Falcon plate.

New for sitting drop crystallization are Micro-Bridges, which fit neatly into a standard Linbro, Costar, or Falcon plate to provide a unique support for sitting drop crystallization. The concave surface of the Micro-Bridgc is highly polished and offers a smooth surface for crystallization with excellent clarity for viewing drops and photography of crystals. Micro-Bridges allow one to use larger drop sizes and ease setup efficiency considerably since one only needs to drop in a bridge, pipet the sample, and seal the plate with clear scaling tape.

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