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Applications of X-ray analysis

The 43rd Annual Denver Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis will be held Aug. 1-5, 1994 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477, USA. A Plenary Session on Dynamic Characterization of Materials by X-Rays, organized by R.L. Snyder, will include the following: Dynamic Characterizations of Reactions (E. Larsen, USA), Dynamic Rietveld Refinement (G.M. Zorn, Germany), Structure Dynamics of Polymer Melt Spinning (H. Zachmann, Germany), High-Temperature Superconductors (R.L. Snyder, USA), and Stresses in an Operating I.C. Engine (T.M. Holden, Canada).

Contact: Lynn Bonno, Dept., of Engineering, U., of Denver, Denver, CO 80208, Tel.: 303-871-3515, FAX: 303-871-4450.