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Latin America MaThCryst workshop on nanocrystallography

Havana, Cuba, October, 2016


The fifth biannual Latin America 'International School on Fundamental Crystallography' was held at the U. of Havana from October 30 to November 5, 2016. The School was attended by 35 students from Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. The teaching staff included Mois Aroyo, Massimo Nespolo, Leopoldo Suescun, Raimundo Lora Serrano, Arbelio Pentón Madrigal and Ernesto Estévez Rams, four of whom are members of the IUCr MaThCryst commission. The program covered the fundamentals of the discipline including crystalline lattices, group theory, space groups, Fourier transform, reciprocal space, diffraction equations, and the use of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server. Students presented posters of their work and ample time was reserved for them to discuss their projects with the lecturers. The last day a workshop on nanocrystallography featured presentations by Serrano, Madrigal, Estévez and Cristy Azanza Ricardo.

The next school will be held in Colombia in 2018.

Ernesto Estévez Rams