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IUCr Associates Programme

[Jonathan Agbenyega]

The IUCr Associates Programme ( will launch officially during the 2017 IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Hyderabad ( There will be an opportunity to sign up to the programme during the Congress registration process. To register your interest, please visit

By joining the Associates Programme you can play a much stronger role in the IUCr and its many activities. As you know, the IUCr is involved in numerous charitable activities including

  • Supporting students to attend meetings around the world; the IUCr sponsors symposia and workshops on topics relevant to crystallography, enabling young scientists to travel and attend meetings where they may not have had sufficient funds to travel alone
  • A Visiting Professor scheme, which provides support for some of the costs of having internationally recognised scientists as lecturers for short courses at workshops or schools organised in developing countries
  • Building crystallography capacity in Africa and other parts of the world; for instance, the first Pan African Conference on Crystallography ( was held recently at the U. of Dschang, Cameroon, with support from UNESCO.

What is the Associates Programme?

The Associates Programme offers a series of benefits and tools to help you network, share ideas and discover new knowledge.

The subscription rate will be for a three-year period with a fee of USD 200. A reduced rate of USD 60 will be available for students, retired scientists and those from developing countries.

The benefits will include (but will not be limited to) the following:


  • Six free articles on Crystallography Journals Online
  • 20% discount on the open-access fee for the publication of one article in an IUCr Journal of your choice
  • 20% discount on A Little Dictionary of Crystallography
  • 50% discount for individuals purchasing the print version of International Tables

Professional networking opportunities

  • Access to information on regional meetings, webinars and videos
  • Access to the IUCr LinkedIn discussion group
  • Jobs board
  • World Directory of Crystallographers (find an expert)

IUCr community participation

Opportunities to participate in the IUCr Outreach and Education programme, which has been established to enable the continuation of many of the initiatives successfully launched during the International Year of Crystallography in 2014.

Jonathan Agbenyega, IUCr Business Development Manager (