Bragg Your Pattern

Stuart Batten

In the lead-up to the 2023 IUCr Congress, to be held in Melbourne, Australia (22–29 August 2023), the local organising committee will be embarking on a series of public outreach activities. The first of these is a pattern competition for kids of ALL ages.

The competition will open at the start of Australia’s National Science Week (13–21 August 2022), and there will be two age brackets (10 and under; 11 and over). In addition, there will also be two competition categories.

The first category is “I See a Pattern”. Patterns are all around us. See a cool or unusual pattern? Take a photo and enter it with a description. The second category is “I Made a Pattern”. Make your own pattern – a 2D drawing, a 3D model or artwork, whatever – and send in a photo and description of it. Simple! Great prizes are on offer, and the top 100 images will also be exhibited at the IUCr2023 Congress itself.

You can also contribute by following along and contributing on social media (Twitter, Instagram) using the tag #BraggYourPattern, voting in the People’s Choice awards when the competition opens, and following Everyday Crystallography (@Crystal_a_day) on Twitter for more Bragg Your Pattern goodness. Full competition details are on our website (, which is also the place to go for hints and eventually full details of other exciting activities coming up in 2023!

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16 June 2022

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