IUCr Poster Prizes at BCA 2022

John R. Helliwell
[BCA22 PP winners]
Dashnor Beqiri (left) and Cameron Wilson, winners of the IUCr Poster Prizes at BCA 2022.

There were two poster prizes awarded at the annual conference of the British Crystallographic Association, held at the University of Leeds (UK) just before Easter 2022. The criterion was a “prize to be awarded for the best two posters chosen across any or all branches of crystallography.” The Judging Panel was Professor John Helliwell (University of Manchester, UK), Dr Petra Bombicz (Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) and Professor Xiaodong Zou (Stockholm University, Sweden). All the posters were of a very high standard. The winners were as follows:

Dashnor Beqiri of the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) for his poster with Mark Senn entitled “Engineering soft modes in layered perovskites

Cameron Wilson of the University of Edinburgh (UK) for his poster with Tomas Cervenka, Peter Wood (CCDC) and Simon Parsons entitled “Behaviour of occupied and void space in molecular crystal structures at high pressure - The CellVol program”.

[BCA22 posters]
The winning posters from Dashnor (left) and Cameron.
7 June 2022

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