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IUCr Commission on International Tables

The main activity of the Commission on International Tables is planning, editing, and maintaining the volumes of International Tables for Crystallography. The present and future volumes will be typeset from files prepared in standard generalized markup language (sgml).

Details concerning the International Tables and the activities of the commision are available on the home page of the Commission, accessible at the URL: and the description of the commission activities at the Glasgow meeting is accessible at:

Published volumes and new editions

  • Volume A: Space-Group Symmetry, Editor: Th. Hahn Brief Teaching Edition of Volume A, Editor: Th. Hahn
  • Volume B: Reciprocal Space, Editor: U. Shmueli
  • Volume C: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Tables, Editor: E. Prince and A.J.C. Wilson

Volumes in preparation

  • Volume D: Physical Properties of Crystals, Editor: A. Authier
  • Volume E: Subperiodic Groups, Editors: V. Kopsky and D.B. Litvin
  • Volume F: Macromolecular Crystallography, Editor: M.G. Rossmann and E. Arnold
  • Volume G: Crystallographic Information, Editor: S. R. Hall and B. McMahon
  • Volume A1: Maximal Subgroups of Space and Plane Groups, Editor: H. Wondratschek
U. Shmueli