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Crystal chemistry in Russia

[attendees] Attendees at the 2nd Russian Conference on Crystal Chemistry wave farewell before boarding a space shuttle for an out of this world excursion. That's Virtual Reality for you.
The second Russian National Conference on Crystal Chemistry, held May 22-26, 2000 in Chernogolovka, near Moscow, was organized by the Section of Crystal Chemistry of the Scientific Council on Structure and Reactivity and the Inst. of Problems of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences with sponsorship from the Russian Foundation of Basic Research, ICDD, and Bruker. There were about 300 oral and poster presentations divided into seven sections - organic, inorganic and coordination crystal chemistry, structure-properties correlation, chemical bonding, solid state reactions, and dynamic crystal chemistry. The participants were from all parts of Russian and former Soviet Union republics. There were lecturers from USA, Japan, France, Germany, Israel, and Mexico. The opening lecture was delivered by the patriarch of Russian crystal chemistry, Goergy Bokii. V. Belsky was Chairman of the Program committee and L. Atovuyan was Chairman of the Local Committee.