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Crystallography in... The Netherlands

J. Kroon (president), A.W.M. Braam, B. Dijkstra, S. Harkema, H. Reynaers, F. Tuinstra, R. Olthof-Hazekamp (secretary), L. Woning are members of the National Committee for Crystallography of The Netherlands.

The first five people in this list are also members of the council of the Chemistry Foundation of the Netherlands Research, Dept. Crystal and Structural Chemistry, (NWO-K&S). All universities and industries, having a crystallographic department, are represented in NWO-K&S. Tuinstra, Olthof-Hazekamp, and Woning are the council of the Dutch Crystallographic Association (NVK), an adhering body of the IUCr. The NVK has about 270 members, including PhD students, retired crystallographers and 20 Belgian crystallographers. All interested members are listed in the World Directory of Crystallographers.

Every spring there is a 2-days national meeting organized by the NWO-K&S and in November a 1-day symposium is organised by the NVK. In the year 2000 the NVK meeting will be held in Leuven, Belgium. Every two years there are meetings of the groups on powder diffraction and protein crystallography.

Roeli Olthof-Hazekamp