Crystallographic Information Framework

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Core dictionary (coreCIF) version 2.4.5




   The digital object identifier (DOI) registered to identify
   the data set publication represented by the current
   datablock. This can be used as a unique identifier for
   the datablock so long as the code used is a valid DOI
   (i.e. begins with a valid publisher prefix assigned by a
   Registration Agency and a suffix guaranteed to be unique
   by the publisher) and has had its metadata deposited
   with a DOI Registration Agency.

   A DOI is a unique character string identifying any
   object of intellectual property. It provides a
   persistent identifier for an object on a digital network
   and permits the association of related current data in a
   structured extensible way. A DOI is an implementation
   of the Internet concepts of Uniform Resource Name and
   Universal Resource Locator managed according to the
   specifications of the International DOI Foundation (see



Type: char

Category: audit