Crystallographic Information Framework and

Description is a Perl script for creating TeX formatted representations of CIF dictionaries. It was used to create the chapters in Part 4 of the printed version of International Tables for Crystallography Volume G: Definition and Exchange of Crystallographic Data from the corresponding dictionary files. A simplified version of the script was discussed as an illustrative example in Chapter 5.3. is a similar application developed to create the HTML versions of the CIF dictionaries distributed on the accompanying CD-ROM and on the IUCr web site. Both programs require the STAR::Parser family of Perl modules.



This software was developed for demonstration purposes and as a utility for producing International Tables for Crystallography Volume G. It is presented here "as-is", with no guarantee of support or maintenance. It is likely, however, that the software will be developed further for internal IUCr use. Comments and inquiries should be directed to

Language and platform

The software is written in Perl and should run in a command-line environment on any common operating system with a Perl interpreter.

Terms and conditions of use

Copyright in the software © International Union of Crystallography.
Author: Brian McMahon.

The software is distributed here under the standard terms and conditions of use applying to software associated with International Tables for Crystallography Volume G.