Crystallographic Information Framework

CYCLOPS version 1


CYCLOPS checks apparent data names in text files against their occurrence in a CIF dictionary.



This is the version of March 5 1993. This version of CYCLOPS is no longer maintained. Use instead CYCLOPS version 2.

Language and platform

The software is written in Fortran77 and should compile and run in a command-line environment on any common operating system with a suitable Fortran compiler.


  • Installation: Copy the text file cyclops.txt into an empty directory and split it into distinct files as described in the body of the file
    copy the individual files to the build directory. Then compile the source file cyclops.f, e.g.
     f77 -o cyclops cyclops.f 

Other versions

A revised program, CYCLOPS2, compatible with CIF version 1.1, is available as part of the CIFtbx package.

Terms and conditions of use

Copyright in the software © the author.
Author: S. R. Hall

The software is distributed here under the standard terms and conditions of use applying to software associated with International Tables for Crystallography Volume G. Queries concerning any other use should be directed to


Bernstein, H. J. & Hall, S. R. (1998). CIF applications. VII. CYCLOPS2: extending the validation of CIF data names. J. Appl. Cryst. 31, 278-281. [details]

Hall, S. R. (1993). CIF applications. III. CYCLOPS: for validating CIF data names. J. Appl. Cryst. 26, 480-481. [details]