Crystallographic Information Framework

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The present membership is:

Voting members:

  • J. R. Hester (Chair) (jamesrhester [at]
  • H. J. Bernstein (yaya [at]
  • J. C. Bollinger (John.Bollinger [at]
  • B. McMahon (Coordinating Secretary), IUCr (bm [at]
  • † J. Westbrook, Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics/Rutgers Univ.

Non-voting members:

  • IUCr Observers ex officio
    • C. P. Brock (Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature) (cpbrock [at]
  • Dictionary Management Group and Dictionary Development Group Observers
    • I. D. Brown (core dictionary: coreCIF; symmetry CIF: symCIF), McMaster University (idbrown [at]
    • P. M. D. Fitzgerald (macromolecular CIF: mmDMG) (paula_fitzgerald [at]
    • A. Hammersley (images: imgCIF/CBF) ESRF (hammersl [at]
    • M. Malfois (small-angle scattering: sasCIF) EMBL (marc.malfois [at]
    • P. Mallinson (electron density: rhoCIF) Univ. Glasgow (paul [at]
    • T. Proffen (diffuse scattering: dsCIF) Michigan State Univ. (proffen [at]
    • W. Sikora (magnetic structures: magCIF) Univ. Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow (sikora [at]
    • J. A. Kaduk (powder: pdDMG) Poly Crystallography Inc.  (kaduk [at]
  • Other Observers
    • H. M. Berman, RCSB/Rutgers Univ. (berman [at]
    • F. C. Bernstein (fcb [at]
    • J. C. Bollinger (John.Bollinger [at]
    • D. Du Boulay, (doug.duboulay [at]
    • N. Johnson, CCDC (njohnson [at]
    • J. Faber, ICDD (faber [at]
    • S. Grazulis (grazulis [at]
    • S. R. Hall, Univ. Western Australia (sydney.hall [at]
    • O. Johnson  (owenjohnson26 [at]
    • V. L. Karen, NIST (vicky.karen [at]
    • G. Madariaga, Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao (wmpmameg [at]
    • P. Murray-Rust (pm286 [at]
    • E. Ulrich (elu [at]
    • B. H. Toby Argonne National Laboratory (Brian.Toby [at]