Crystallographic Information Framework

printCIF for Word


printCIF for Word is a template that can be used to prepare a preprint of a crystallographic information file. It was commissioned to help prospective authors of structure reports in the IUCr journals to visualize and prepare for publication complete papers submitted in CIF format.



This template is no longer supported. Use of publCIF is recommended for preparation of structure report articles.

Language and platform

The software is distributed as a Microsoft Word template, This version is designed for use with Word 2000 onwards, running on a PC under Windows 95 onwards.


  • Installation: Unzip the archive; this will create a folder printCIF containing the Word template,, together with other resource files needed for the software to run properly. To start the program, double-click the file ''. This should open Word and activate printCIF, which will request a CIF file to open.
  • More details: User guide

Terms and conditions of use

Copyright in the software © International Union of Crystallography.
Author: Simon P. Westrip.

The software is distributed here under the standard terms and conditions of use applying to software associated with International Tables for Crystallography Volume G. Queries concerning any other use should be directed to