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Modulated and composite structures dictionary (msCIF) version 1.0.1




   Definition of the higher-dimensional basis with respect to which
   the Miller indices are defined. The three-dimensional basis used
   to index the additional wave vectors should be clearly indicated.


;              a*,b*,c* (reciprocal basis spanning the lattice of main
               reflections) and q (incommensurate with respect to a*,b*,c*)
Typical choice for a one-dimensional incommensurate structure.
;              The diffraction pattern can be indexed with four integers based
               on the reciprocal vectors a*~1~=a*~11~, a*~2~=a*~12~,
               a*~3~=a*~13~, a*~4~=a*~21~. a*~1j~ (j=1,2,3) index the
               main reflections of the 1st subsystem. a*~21~ is incommensurate
               with a*~11~.
Common choice for a misfit layer compound composed of two subsystems that have in common two reciprocal vectors. Extracted from van Smaalen [Crystallogr. Rev. (1995), 4, 79-202].

Type: char

Category: cell