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Modulated and composite structures dictionary (msCIF) version 1.0.1




   Superspace-group symbol as given by de Wolff, Janssen & Janner
   (1981). Valid only for one-dimensional modulated structures.
   The symbol is divided into three parts separated by colons ':':
   the superspace lattice symbol, the Hermann-Mauguin space-group
   symbol of the reference structure and the phase shift (or
   internal translation) associated with each component of the
   space group. Each component of the space-group name is separated
   by a space. Subscripts should appear without special symbols and
   bars should be given as negative signs. The phase shifts are
   also separated by a space. For composites described in a single
   data block, the superspace group describes the symmetry of the
   whole structure. The symmetry of each subsystem can be derived
   using the appropriate W matrices.

   Ref: Wolff, P. M. de, Janssen, T. & Janner, A. (1981).
        Acta Cryst. A37, 625-636.


'P:P c m n:s s -1'

Type: char

Category: space_group