Crystallographic Information Framework

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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1




   A linear distance in millimetres corresponding to the
   location where an intensity measurement is made.
   Used for detectors where a distance measurement is made
   as a direct observable, such as from a microdensitometer
   trace from film or a strip chart recorder. This is an
   alternative to _pd_meas_2theta_scan, which should only be
   used for instruments that record intensities directly
   against 2\q. For instruments where the position scale
   is nonlinear, the data item _pd_meas_detector_id should
   be used to record positions.

   Calibration information, such as angle offsets or a
   function to convert this distance to a 2\q angle
   or d-space, should be supplied with the _pd_calib_ values.

   Do not confuse this with the instrument geometry
   descriptions given by _pd_instr_dist_.

Appears in list

Type: numb

Category: pd_data