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Macromolecular dictionary (mmCIF) version 2.0.09

Category AUDIT



   Data items in the AUDIT category record details about the
   creation and subsequent updating of the data block.

   Note that these items apply only to the creation and updating of
   the data block, and should not be confused with the data items
   in the JOURNAL category that record different stages in the
   publication of the material in the data block.


Example 1 - based on PDB entry 5HVP and laboratory records for the structure corresponding to PDB entry 5HVP.
    _audit.revision_id                   1
    _audit.creation_date                '1992-12-08'

    ; Created by hand from PDB entry 5HVP, from the J. Biol.
      Chem. paper describing this structure and from
      laboratory records

    ; 1992-12-09  adjusted to reflect comments from B. McKeever
      1992-12-10  adjusted to reflect comments from H. Berman
      1992-12-12  adjusted to reflect comments from K. Watenpaugh

Example 2 - based on data set TOZ of Willis, Beckwith & Tozer [Acta Cryst. (1991), C47, 2276-2277].
    _audit.creation_date               1991-03-20
    _audit.creation_method     from_xtal_archive_file_using_CIFIO
    ; 1991-04-09  text and data added by Tony Willis.
      1991-04-15  rec'd by co-editor as manuscript HL0007.
      1991-04-17  adjustments based on first referee report.
      1991-04-18  adjustments based on second referee report.

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