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Macromolecular dictionary (mmCIF) version 2.0.09

Category JOURNAL



   Data items in the JOURNAL category record details about the
   book-keeping by the journal staff when processing
   a data block submitted for publication.

   The creator of a data block will not normally specify these data.
   The data names are not defined in the dictionary because they are
   for journal use only.


Example 1 - based on Acta Cryst. file for entry HL0007 [Willis, Beckwith & Tozer (1991). Acta Cryst. C47, 2276-2277].
    _journal.entry_id                 'TOZ'
    _journal.date_recd_electronic     1991-04-15
    _journal.date_from_coeditor       1991-04-18
    _journal.date_accepted            1991-04-18
    _journal.date_printers_first      1991-08-07
    _journal.date_proofs_out          1991-08-07
    _journal.coeditor_code            HL0007
    _journal.techeditor_code          C910963
    _journal.coden_ASTM               ACSCEE
    _journal.name_full      'Acta Crystallographica Section C'
    _journal.year                     1991
    _journal.volume                   47
    _journal.issue                    NOV91
    _journal.page_first               2276
    _journal.page_last                2277

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Mandatory category: no