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Macromolecular dictionary (mmCIF) version 2.0.09




   For standard polymer components, the one-letter code for
   the component. If there is not a standard one-letter code
   for this component, or if this is a non-polymer
   component, the one-letter code should be given as 'X'.
   This code may be preceded by a '+' character to indicate
   that the component is a modification of a standard


A alanine or adenine
B ambiguous asparagine/aspartic acid
R arginine
N asparagine
D aspartic acid
C cysteine or cystine or cytosine
Q glutamine
E glutamic acid
Z ambiguous glutamine/glutamic acid
G glycine or guanine
H histidine
I isoleucine
L leucine
K lysine
M methionine
F phenylalanine
P proline
S serine
T threonine or thymine
W tryptophan
Y tyrosine
V valine
U uracil
O water
X other

Type: uchar1

Mandatory item: no

Category: chem_comp