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Protein Data Bank exchange dictionary (pdbx) version 1.0521




   The value of the BSOL solvent-model parameter describing
   the average isotropic displacement parameter of disordered
   solvent atoms.

   This is one of the two parameters (the other is
   _refine.solvent_model_param_ksol) in Tronrud's method of
   modelling the contribution of bulk solvent to the
   scattering. The standard scale factor is modified according
   to the expression

       k0 exp(-B0 * s^2^)[1-KSOL * exp(-BSOL * s^2^)]

   where k0 and B0 are the scale factors for the protein.

   Ref: Tronrud, D. E. (1997). Methods Enzymol. 277, 243-268.

Type: float

Mandatory item: no

Category: refine