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Protein Data Bank exchange dictionary (pdbx) version 1.0521




   The precision-indicating merging R factor value Rpim,
   for merging all intensities in this data set.

          sum~i~ [1/(N~i~ - 1)]1/2^ sum~j~ | I~j~ - <I~i~> |
   Rpim = --------------------------------------------------
                        sum~i~ ( sum~j~ I~j~ )

   I~j~   = the intensity of the jth observation of reflection i
   <I~i~> = the mean of the intensities of all observations
            of reflection i
   N~i~   = the redundancy (the number of times reflection i
            has been measured).

   sum~i~ is taken over all reflections
   sum~j~ is taken over all observations of each reflection.

   Ref: Diederichs, K. & Karplus, P. A. (1997). Nature Struct.
        Biol. 4, 269-275.
        Weiss, M. S. & Hilgenfeld, R. (1997). J. Appl. Cryst.
        30, 203-205.
        Weiss, M. S. (2001). J. Appl. Cryst. 34, 130-135.

Type: float

Mandatory item: no

Category: reflns