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Modulated and composite structures dictionary (msCIF) version 1.0.1


'_diffrn_refln_index_m_1' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_2' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_3' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_4' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_5' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_6' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_7' '_diffrn_refln_index_m_8'


   Additional Miller indices needed to write the reciprocal vector
   of a certain reflection in the basis described in
   _cell_reciprocal_basis_description. Following the usual
   convention, such a vector would be expressed as
   where h,k,l are the usual _diffrn_refln_index_, and q(1)...q(8)
   represent the independent wave vectors given by
   _cell_wave_vector_ and identified by _cell_wave_vector_seq_id.
   Therefore, the total number of indices of a given reflection must
   match (_cell_modulation_dimension + 3) and the order of the
   additional indices must be consistent with the codes given in
   _cell_wave_vector_seq_id. These indices need not match
   _refln_index_m_ values if a transformation of the original
   measured cell has occurred.

Appears in list containing _diffrn_refln_index_h   _diffrn_refln_index_k   _diffrn_refln_index_l

Type: numb

Category: diffrn_refln