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Modulated and composite structures dictionary (msCIF) version 1.0.1




   Superspace-group symbol conforming to an alternative definition
   from that given in _space_group_ssg_name_IT and
   _space_group_ssg_name_WJJ for one-dimensional modulated
   structures or to the superspace-group name for higher dimensions.
   When necessary, indicate the origin and the setting. Use a colon
   ':' as a separator between the different parts of the
   superspace-group symbol. Within each part, leave a space
   between each component. Rules for the notation for
   Hermann-Mauguin and Hall symbols (if present) are given in the
   symmetry CIF dictionary (cif_sym.dic) and, partially, in
   _space_group_ssg_name_IT and _space_group_ssg_name_WJJ.
   For composites described in a single data block, the superspace
   group describes the symmetry of the whole structure. The
   symmetry of each subsystem can be derived using the
   appropriate W matrices.


"Hall's notation W:-P -2xb -2ya:q q"

Type: char

Category: space_group