Crystallographic Information Framework

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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1

Category PD_MEAS



   This section contains the measured diffractogram and information
   about the conditions used for the measurement of the diffraction 
   data set, prior to processing and application of correction
   terms. While additional information may be added to the CIF
   as data are processed and transported between laboratories
   (possibly with the addition of a new _pd_block_id entry), the
   information in this section of the CIF will rarely be changed
   once data collection is complete.

   Where possible, measurements in this section should have no
   post-collection processing applied (normalizations, corrections,
   smoothing, zero-offset corrections etc.). Such corrected
   measurements should be recorded in the _pd_proc_ section.

   Data sets that are measured as counts, where a standard
   uncertainty can be considered equivalent to the standard
   deviation and where the standard deviation can be estimated
   as the square root of the number of counts recorded, should
   use the _pd_meas_counts_ fields. All other intensity values
   should be recorded using _pd_meas_intensity_.


Example 1.
    _pd_meas_info_author_name        'Cranswick, Lachlan'
    _pd_meas_info_author_address     ?
    _pd_meas_datetime_initiated      1992-03-23T17:20

    _pd_meas_scan_method             step
    _pd_meas_2theta_range_min        6.0
    _pd_meas_2theta_range_max        164.0
    _pd_meas_2theta_range_inc        0.025
    _pd_meas_step_count_time         2.0

Type: null

Category: category_overview