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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1


'_pd_meas_intensity_total' '_pd_meas_intensity_background' '_pd_meas_intensity_container' '_pd_meas_intensity_monitor'


   Intensity measurements at the measurement point (see
   the definition of _pd_meas_2theta_).

   The defined fields are:
     _pd_meas_intensity_total, scattering from the specimen
       (with background, specimen mounting or container
       scattering included);
     _pd_meas_intensity_background, scattering measured
       without a specimen, specimen mounting etc., often
       referred to as the instrument background;
     _pd_meas_intensity_container, the specimen container or
       mounting without a specimen, includes background;
     _pd_meas_intensity_monitor, intensity measured by an
       incident-beam monitor to calibrate the flux on the specimen.

   Use these entries for measurements where intensity
   values are not counts (use _pd_meas_counts_ for event-counting
   measurements where the standard uncertainty is
   estimated as the square root of the number of counts).

   Corrections for background, detector dead time etc.,
   should not have been made to these values. Instead use
   _pd_proc_intensity_ for corrected diffractograms.

   _pd_meas_units_of_intensity should be used to specify
   the units of the intensity measurements.

Appears in list

Type: numb

Category: pd_data