Crystallographic Information Framework

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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1

Revision history

  1991-08-28  Initial definitions                                  B.H. Toby
  1991-09-15  More definitions added                               B.H. Toby
  1991-09-21  Still More definitions                               B.H. Toby
  1991-09-24  Some updates from down under  |:-)                   S.R. Hall
  1991-10-07  Unable to leave well enough alone...                 B.H. Toby
  1991-10-10  Some additional fine tuning   (-:|                   S.R. Hall
  1991-10-14  Minor touchups                                       B.H. Toby
  1991-12-08  Back to Work...                                      B.H. Toby
  1992-01-07  Add _pd_refln_ to allow for mixtures                 B.H. Toby
  1992-02-07  Some redefinitions                                   S.R. Hall
  1992-02-25  Defining standards is a fiddly business              S.R. Hall
  1992-03-18  And still more...                                    B.H. Toby
  1992-05-22  Minor cleanup                                        B.H. Toby
  1992-05-23  Quasar says that all is OK now...                    S.R. Hall
  1992-05-30  Changes from comments @ APD-II                       B.H. Toby
  1992-08-18  Add calculated pattern definitions                   B.H. Toby
  1992-08-28  Change 'powder' to 'pw'                              B.H. Toby
  1992-08-31  Major overhaul of some definitions                   B.H. Toby
  1992-09-01  Small adjustments                                    S.R. Hall
  1992-10-01  Change 'pw' to 'pd'                                  B.H. Toby
  1993-04-16  Change usage for multiple detectors                  B.H. Toby
  1993-04-19  Change *_raw_ to *_meas_; *_sample_ to *_samp_
              Install new DDL commands; new *_phase_ group         S.R. Hall
  1993-05-22  Fix _pd_calib_ defs; Minor editing                   B.H. Toby
  1993-05-31  Still more minor editing                             B.H. Toby
  1993-06-02  Application of new DDL commands                      S.R. Hall
  1993-08-13  Last stop before Beijing, more descriptive entries &
              more descriptive text added; support for film data.  B.H. Toby
  1993-10-27  My two cents worth                                   I.D. Brown
  1994-01-23  Change two to 2.5; sample to specimen.               B.H. Toby
  1994-03-13  Change date/time usage
              Be more careful about pd_proc usage: separate data
              & processing conditions                              B.H. Toby
  1994-04-11  Start work on categories: move all diffractogram
              items (that might ever be in a single loop) into
              pd_data.                                             B.H. Toby
  1994-05-11  Start revisions based on I.D. Brown's comments       B.H. Toby
  1994-06-25  Complete revisions prior to ACA                      B.H. Toby
  1994-10-27  Working draft                                        B.H. Toby
  1995-10-23  Implemented _units and _units_detail                 B. McMahon
  1995-10-24  Transferred _pd_instr_radiation_probe to the core
              as _diffrn_radiation_probe                           B. McMahon
  1997-01-30  Final cleanup: removed _nm units; add units to
              definitions; add _pd_block_diffractogram_id;
              change _pd_meas_distance_value to _pd_meas_position;
              remove _pd_proc_wavelength_nm, _pd_proc_d_spacing_nm;
              _pd_proc_recip_len_Q_nm, and _pd_peak_d_spacing_nm
                                                                   B.H. Toby
  1997-01-31  Changed dictionary_definition to category_overview;
              removed data_include_dependent_dictionaries and global_
              blocks; some typos fixed                             B. McMahon
  1997-02-12  Some typos fixed                                     B. McMahon
  1997-02-18  References to e.s.d. changed to s.u. etc.
              Notation for Bragg and expected R factors changed to
              R~B~ and R~exp~
                                                                   B. McMahon
  1997-03-10  Category of _pd_refln_ things changed to 'refln'; category of`
              _pd_proc_number_of_points changed to 'pd_proc_info'; some
              rewording of descriptions involving s.u.s according to BT;
              changed 'samp' to 'spec' in many datanames relating distances
              to specimen; changed style of these and similar to *_src/spec
              etc; _pd_calc_method no longer has '_list yes'; _list_uniqueness
              deleted from _pd_refln_peak_id; use of '.' instead of '?'
              recommended in a couple of places; addition of example to
              _pd_calib_conversion_eqn; '_pd_proc_intensity_calc_bkg' and
              '_fix_bkg' changed to '_pd_proc_intensity_bkg_calc' and '_fix'
                                                                   B. McMahon
  1997-03-12  Category of _pd_calib_ things changed to 'pd_calib';
              _pd_calib_conversion_eqn and *_special_details renamed as
              _pd_calibration_* and assigned to category 'pd_calibration'
              Alphabetised entries within category.
                                                                   B. McMahon
  1997-03-17  Copyediting changes to punctuation and spelling.     B. McMahon
  1997-10-29  Changed _pd_calib_std_external_id to
              _pd_calib_std_external_block_id. Moved _pd_proc_2theta_range_ to
              category pd_proc_info (because not looped with other pd_data
                                                                   B. McMahon
  1997-10-29  Release version 1.0                                  B. McMahon
  2005-01-07  NJA: minor corrections to hyphenation, spelling and punctuation
                   pd_data_[pd]: Example 3, second loop _pd_calc_2theta_scan 
                   changed to _pd_proc_2theta_corrected
                   _pd_instr_cons_illum_len: definition rephrased
                   _pd_phase_[pd]: first sentence of definition rephrased
                   _pd_proc_ls_background_function: second paragraph of
                   definition rephrased