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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1


'_pd_calib_2theta_offset' '_pd_calib_2theta_off_point' '_pd_calib_2theta_off_min' '_pd_calib_2theta_off_max'


   _pd_calib_2theta_offset defines an offset angle (in degrees)
   used to calibrate 2\q (as defined in _pd_meas_2theta_).
   Calibration is done by adding the offset:

        2\q~calibrated~ = 2\q~measured~ + 2\q~offset~

   For cases where the _pd_calib_2theta_offset value is
   not a constant, but rather varies with 2\q, a set
   of offset values can be supplied in a loop. In this case,
   the value where the offset has been determined can be
   specified as _pd_calib_2theta_off_point. Alternatively, a
   range where the offset is applicable can be specified using
   _pd_calib_2theta_off_min and _pd_calib_2theta_off_max.

May appear in list containing _pd_calib_detector_id
The permitted range is -180.0 -> 180.0

Type: numb

Category: pd_calib