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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1


'_pd_char_atten_coef_mu_obs' '_pd_char_atten_coef_mu_calc'


   The observed and calculated linear attenuation coefficient,
   \m, in units of inverse millimetres. Note that this quantity
   is sometimes referred to as the mass absorption coefficient;
   however, this term accounts for other potentially significant
   losses of incident radiation, for example incoherent
   scattering of neutrons.

   The calculated \m will be obtained from the atomic content of
   the cell, the average density (allowing for specimen packing)
   and the radiation wavelength. The observed \m will be
   determined by a transmission measurement.
   Note that _pd_char_atten_coef_mu_calc will differ from
   _exptl_absorpt_coefficient_mu if the packing density is
   not unity.

The permitted range is 0.0 -> infinity

Type: numb

Category: pd_char