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Powder dictionary (pdCIF) version 1.0.1


'_pd_proc_intensity_net' '_pd_proc_intensity_total' '_pd_proc_intensity_bkg_calc' '_pd_proc_intensity_bkg_fix' '_pd_proc_intensity_incident' '_pd_proc_intensity_norm'


   _pd_proc_intensity_net contains intensity values for the
   processed diffractogram for each data point (see
   _pd_proc_2theta_, _pd_proc_wavelength etc.) after
   correction and normalization factors have been applied
   (in contrast to _pd_meas_counts_ values, which are

   _pd_proc_intensity_total contains intensity values for the
   processed diffractogram for each data point where
   background, normalization and other corrections have not
   been applied.

   Inclusion of s.u.'s for these values is strongly recommended.

   _pd_proc_intensity_bkg_calc is intended to contain the
   background intensity for every data point where the
   background function has been fitted or estimated (for example, in
   all Rietveld and profile fits).

   If the background is estimated for a limited number of points
   and the calculated background is then extrapolated from
   these fixed points, indicate the background values for
   these points with _pd_proc_intensity_bkg_fix. Use a value
   of '.' for data points where a fixed background has not
   been defined. The extrapolated background at every point
   may be specified using _pd_proc_intensity_bkg_calc.

   Background values should be on the same scale as the
   _pd_proc_intensity_net values. Thus normalization and
   correction factors should be applied before
   background subtraction (or should be applied to the
   background values equally).

   If the intensities have been corrected for a variation of the
   incident intensity as a function of a data-collection
   variable (examples: source fluctuations in synchrotrons,
   \q-compensated slits in conventional diffractometers,
   spectral corrections for white-beam experiments), the
   correction function should be specified as
   _pd_proc_intensity_incident. The normalization should be
   specified in _pd_proc_intensity_incident as a value to be
   used to divide the measured intensities to obtained the
   normalized diffractogram. Thus, the
   _pd_proc_intensity_incident values should increase as the
   incident flux is increased.

   The other normalization factors applied to the data set (for
   example, Lp corrections, compensation for variation in
   counting time) may be specified in _pd_proc_intensity_norm.
   The function should be specified as the one used to divide the
   measured intensities.

Appears in list
The permitted range is 0.0 -> infinity

Type: numb

Category: pd_data