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Twinning dictionary version 1.0




     This item serves to identify an observed diffraction peak. 
     It may include contributions from one or more twin components
     and so may appear more than once in the list.  
     The values of _twin_refln_F_squared_calc and 
     _twin_refln_F_squared_meas indexed by
     _twin_refln_datum_id include the contributions from all the twins.  
     The diffraction peak is indexed by 
     _twin_refln_index_h, *_k and *_l referred to the cell of 
     the twin component identified by _twin_refln_individual_id.  
     The list reference includes both _twin_refln_datum_id and 
     _twin_refln_individual_id.  The combination of these two items 
     may only appear once in a list. 

Appears in list as essential element of loop structure

Type: char

Category: twin_refln