Crystallographic Information Framework

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Macromolecular dictionary (mmCIF) version 2.0.09

Category DATABASE_2



   Data items in the DATABASE_2 category record details about the
   database identifiers of the data block.

   These data items are assigned by database managers and should
   only appear in a data block if they originate from that source.

   The name of this category, DATABASE_2, arose because the
   category name DATABASE was already in use in the core CIF
   dictionary, but was used differently from the way it needed
   to be used in the mmCIF dictionary. Since CIF data names
   cannot be changed once they have been adopted, a new category
   had to be created.


Example 1 - based on PDB entry 5HVP and laboratory records for the structure corresponding to PDB entry 5HVP.
    _database_2.database_id                'PDB'
    _database_2.database_code              '5HVP'

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Mandatory category: no