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Macromolecular dictionary (mmCIF) version 2.0.09




   The value above which the density measured using standard
   chemical and physical methods lies. The units are megagrams
   per cubic metre (grams per cubic centimetre).
   _exptl_crystal.density_meas_gt and _exptl_crystal.density_meas_lt
   should not be used to report new experimental work, for which
   _exptl_crystal.density_meas should be used.  These items are
   intended for use in reporting information in existing databases
   and archives which would be misleading if reported under


2.5 lower limit for the density (only the range within which the density lies was given in the original paper)

Type: float

Mandatory item: no

_exptl_crystal_density_meas_gt (cif_core.dic version 2.3)
The permitted range is [0.0, infinity)

Related item: _exptl_crystal.density_meas (alternate)

Category: exptl_crystal