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Suggest a new CIF data item

This form allows you to suggest a new data item for one of the existing CIF dictionaries (select 'not sure' if you are unable to specify an appropriate one). Once submitted, your suggestion will appear listed under the appropriate dictionary. Note that you will not be able to modify your suggestion directly once it has been uploaded, so please complete this form with care. If you wish to make subsequent changes, please contact the COMCIFS Coordinating Secretary.

Select the dictionary to which the new item should be added:

Complete the form below. The Summary section must be completed. Give your suggested new name and an explanation of why it is required and how it should be used. The CIF dictionary attributes section is optional. It allows you to suggest appropriate values for the formal dictionary attributes to be associated with the definition of your new item.

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Suggested new data name
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CIF dictionary attributes (optional)
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Other DDL attributes (e.g. _type numb)

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